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once upon a time, not so very long ago, on the outskirts of a small, beautiful village called kromer there lived two 'wolves' called seth and gabriel. they join the pack of wolves who have been cast out from their family in a life of bonfire parties and survival via petty theft and livestock munching. back in the village there are foul deeds afoot. fanny, a wicked old maid, and her simple accomplice doreen kill their mistress, frame the wolves and set a torch-bearing mob of religious zealots to seek vengeance on the pair.

narrated by boy george, this fabulous modern-day fairy-tale from england is beautifully shot and uses the lush countryside of england to great effect. the witty transposition of homophobia to a small village's virulent lycanthrophobia makes for a clever parable on the scapegoating of same-sex couples. and for many, the two main wolves, played by a couple of ex-models draped in nothing but fur coats and raggedy jeans, will be worth the price of admission.