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About A Slim Peace

james layton as gabriel

lee williams as seth

seth (lee williams) and polly (leila lloyd-evelyn) share a moment

Suha measures Tagreed
mrs drax (rosemarie dunham) is tormented by fanny (rita davies)

Letty cleans her specs while Rivkah strikes up a conversation with Rana
kevin moore as the preist

Aviva and Amal
seth (lee williams, front), with gabriel (james layton) and polly (leila lloyd-evelyn )

Salwa and Tagreed
rosemarie dunham as mrs drax

Rivkah’s drama class
doreen (margaret towner) and fanny (rita davies),
up to no good.

Ichsan and Dassi
the drax family: kester (matthew dean), mary (angharad rees), mark (david prescott)
and polly (leila lloyd-evelyn)

The security wall
angharad rees as mary drax

Rivkah, Amal, Limor, Tagreed, Salwa, Rana and Ichsan take turns to dance in the middle
mrs biffen (venetia lang), mr john (richard michael-morris) and parsnip the dog

Amal and Tagreed
gabriel (james layton) and seth (lee williams)